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Changing Network (from VPC to VPC)

Last updated: 2022-06-06 14:53:53

    This document describes how to change the instance network in the TencentDB for SQL Server console.

    Network Types

    There are two types of TencentDB network environments: classic network and VPC.

    • Classic network: It is the public network resource pool for all Tencent Cloud users. All your Tencent Cloud resources will be centrally managed by Tencent Cloud.
    • VPC: It is a logically isolated network space that can be customized in Tencent Cloud. Even in the same region, different VPCs cannot communicate with each other by default. Similar to the traditional network in an IDC, a VPC is where your Tencent Cloud service resources are managed.


    Tencent Cloud supports classic network and VPC, which are capable of offering a diversity of smooth services. On this basis, we provide the VPC change feature to help you manage network connectivity with ease.

    Supported Instance Types

    Primary and read-only instances on all versions.


    • Changing the network will change the instance IP. The original IP will become invalid after 24 hours by default. Modify the instance IP on the client promptly.
    • If Valid Hours of Old IP is set to 0, the IP will be released immediately after the network is changed.
    • You can select a VPC and subnet in any AZ in the same region where the instance resides.


    1. Log in to the TencentDB for SQL Server console, select the region, and click Instance ID/Name of the target instance.
    2. On the Instance Details page, click Change Network in Basic Info > Network.
    3. In the pop-up window, select a VPC, set Valid Hours of Old IP, select Auto-Assign IP or Specify IP, and click OK.
    • Select Network: After a VPC is selected, only servers in it can access the database.
    • Valid Hours of Old IP: You can select 0–168 hours. If it is set to 0, the old IP will be repossessed immediately.
    • Auto-Assign IP: The system automatically assigns the new IP address.
    • Specify IP: You can customize the subnet IP address.
    1. The VPC is changed successfully when the instance status becomes Running.
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