Creating an Instance and Connecting to a Database

Last updated: 2019-11-06 20:21:13

    You can manage the database in the TencentDB for SQL Server Console.

    Creating an Instance

    Log in to the TencentDB for SQL Server Console, click Create in the instance list, select the region, network, and specification of the instance, and click Buy Now to create the instance.

    Creating a Database

    Click an instance name to enter the instance details page. Select Database Management > Create a Database, enter the database name, select the character set. If you need to authorize an account for the database now, select "Authorize Accounts", select the corresponding database, and then set the permissions. Currently, the permissions are divided into read-write and read-only. After confirming that everything is correct, click "OK".

    Set Database Permissions

    After successfully creating a database, you can authorize an account for it or modify the authorization. To do so, click "Set Permissions" in the Operation column of the database:

    Click > or < to add or remove permissions for the account.

    Renaming a Database

    You can move the cursor near the database name and the edit icon will appear. Click the icon to rename the database.

    Modifying Database Description

    You can move the cursor near the database description and the edit icon will appear. Click the icon to update the description:

    Deleting a Database

    You can delete a database by clicking Delete in the Operation column.

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