License Statement

Last updated: 2020-02-25 16:14:05

    License Included

    Tencent Cloud offers TencentDB instances with license included. The price of a license included model includes a SQL Server software license, underlying hardware resources and TencentDB management functions, so there is no need to purchase a Microsoft SQL Server license separately.

    You only need to pay for instance specifications and usage duration, and don’t have to worry about hardware and licensing costs when using a "license included" database. You can cut IT costs by only paying low variable costs instead of high fixed costs.

    • Purchasing TencentDB for SQL Server does not mean that you purchased a Microsoft SQL Server long-term license contract; therefore, you should not use the TencentDB license outside of this service. For more information, see Microsoft Volume Licensing Product Terms and Online Services Terms.
    • The basic price of TencentDB for SQL Server does not include other Microsoft or Tencent Cloud services.

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