Trojan Operation and Handling

Last updated: 2020-03-02 19:27:31

Log in to the CWP Console and select Intrusion Detection > Trojans to view the trojan detection records, as shown below:

Dealing with suspicious files

  • Quarantine
    After malicious files are confirmed, you can quarantine a single file or multiple files in batches. After successful quarantine, the original malicious files will be encrypted and quarantined. You can filter quarantined files to recover them in the future if necessary.
  • Trust
    If a file is not malicious, you can trust it. After the file is added to the trust list, CWP will not inspect it again. You can filter the trusted files to manage them.
  • Delete Log
    After a record is deleted, you cannot view related information. You are recommended to quarantine or trust a file before deleting it. You can also go to the file path to manually delete it.

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