Offline Agent on Linux

Last updated: 2020-02-27 19:34:02

    Agent Processes Are not Started

    1. Run the following command to check whether the CWP processes exist: ps -ef|grep YD.
    2. In normal state, CWP has two processes as shown below:
    3. If the processes do not exist, possible reasons include the following:
      • The CWP agent is not installed on or has been uninstalled from the server. Please see Getting Started and follow the instructions to install the agent.
      • The agent has a conflict or crash and thus cannot be started.
    4. Troubleshooting methods:
      • View the agent log stored in /usr/local/qcloud/YunJing/log.
      • Run the following command to manually start the agent: /usr/local/qcloud/YunJing/YDEyes/YDService.

    Network Failures

    If the processes exist, but CWP is offline, the issue is caused by network disconnection in most cases. Troubleshoot the network issue as shown below:

    1. Run the following command to check whether the DNS has been modified:

      • Basic network environment (non-VPC servers): telnet 5574.
      • VPC or CPM environment: telnet 5574.

      In normal state, the returned result is as shown below:

    2. Make sure your firewall policies allows the following TCP ports: 5574, 8080, 80, and 9080.

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