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Features in Different Editions

Last updated: 2020-01-15 15:28:18


The main features available in different editions of Cloud Workload Protection are listed as follows:

Feature and Description Basic Protection Professional Protection
WebShell Detection
Detects backdoor Trojan for common website scripts, including ASP, PHP, JSP, Python, and other scripting languages
Hacker Tool Detection
Detects common hacker attack programs, such as DDoS Trojan, remote control and mining software
Binary Virus Trojan Detection
Detects Trojan for binary executable viruses, including exe, dll, bin and other file types
Password Cracking Attack Detection/Blocking
Issues alert for and intercepts common password cracking attacks by hackers
Hacker Account Behavior Detection
Identifies suspicious hacker account information in the server
Login Log Audit
Analyzes the login log in the server to identify malicious login behaviors
Configuration Risk Item Detection
Checks configuration items of some system components to prevent vulnerabilities -
Weak Account Password Detection
Detects weak password information in the system account -
Web Component Vulnerability Detection
Detects Web vulnerabilities for Web components such as phpMyAdmin and WordPress -
Common Component Vulnerability Detection
Detects vulnerabilities for common component such as Apache, Nginx, Structs and Redis -
System-Level Vulnerability Detection
Detects system-level vulnerabilities especially for operating system patches -
Vulnerability Repair Solution Push
Provides repair and protection solution for discovered vulnerability risks -
Zero-Day Vulnerability Intelligence Push
Pushes vulnerability intelligence at the earliest possible time based on Tencent's vulnerability intelligence -
Expert Service
Provides 5*8 security expert services online. You can request a callback by submitting a ticket. -