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Last updated: 2020-09-11 10:41:05

Vulnerability Management APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeAgentVuls Gets the list of vulnerabilities on a single server
DescribeImpactedHosts Gets the list of servers affected by the vulnerability
DescribeVulInfo Gets vulnerability details
DescribeVulScanResult Gets vulnerability detection result
DescribeVuls Gets vulnerability list
IgnoreImpactedHosts Ignores vulnerability
RescanImpactedHost Rescans for vulnerabilities

Other APIs

API Name Feature
CloseProVersion Deactivates CWP Pro
CreateUsualLoginPlaces Adds usual login locations
DeleteBruteAttacks Deletes brute force attack records
DeleteMachine Uninstalls CWP agent
DeleteNonlocalLoginPlaces Deletes unusual login location records
DeleteUsualLoginPlaces Deletes usual login locations
DescribeOpenPortStatistics Gets port statistics
DescribeOpenPorts Gets port list
DescribeUsualLoginPlaces Queries usual login locations
DescribeWeeklyReportBruteAttacks Gets brute force attack data in weekly CWP Pro report
DescribeWeeklyReportInfo Gets details in weekly CWP Pro report
DescribeWeeklyReportMalwares Gets trojan data in weekly CWP Pro report
DescribeWeeklyReportNonlocalLoginPlaces Gets unusual login location data in weekly CWP Pro report
DescribeWeeklyReportVuls Gets vulnerability data in weekly CWP Pro report
DescribeWeeklyReports Gets weekly report list
ModifyProVersionRenewFlag Modifies the renewal flag of CWP Pro
OpenProVersion Activates CWP Pro

Intrusion Detection APIs

API Name Feature
AddLoginWhiteList Adds allowlist rule
DeleteLoginWhiteList Deletes allowlist rule
DeleteMaliciousRequests Deletes malicious request records
DeleteMalwares Deletes trojan records
DescribeBruteAttacks Gets brute force attack event list
DescribeLoginWhiteList Gets the list of login allowlist entries
DescribeMaliciousRequests Gets malicious request data
DescribeMalwares Gets trojan information
DescribeNonlocalLoginPlaces Gets unusual login events
ExportBruteAttacks Exports brute force attack records
ExportMaliciousRequests Exports the malicious request file into a CSV file for download
ExportMalwares Exports trojan records
ExportNonlocalLoginPlaces Exports unusual login location records
MisAlarmNonlocalLoginPlaces Sets usual login location
ModifyLoginWhiteList Edits allowlist rule
RecoverMalwares Recovers trojan files
SeparateMalwares Isolates trojans
TrustMaliciousRequest Trusts malicious request
TrustMalwares Trusts trojan file
UntrustMaliciousRequest Untrusts malicious request
UntrustMalwares Untrusts trojan file

Overview Statistics APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeMachineInfo Gets server details
DescribeMachines Gets the list of servers in region
DescribeOverviewStatistics Gets overview statistics of the current account
DescribeSecurityDynamics Gets security event message
DescribeSecurityTrends Gets security event statistics

Asset Management APIs

API Name Feature
AddMachineTag Adds tag to server.
CreateOpenPortTask Creates real-time port acquisition task
CreateProcessTask Creates real-time process pulling task
DeleteMachineTag Removes tag from server.
DescribeAccountStatistics Gets account statistics list
DescribeAccounts Gets account list
DescribeComponentInfo Gets component information
DescribeComponentStatistics Gets component statistics list
DescribeComponents Gets component list
DescribeHistoryAccounts Gets account change history list
DescribeOpenPortTaskStatus Gets the status of real-time port pulling task
DescribeProcessStatistics Gets process statistics list
DescribeProcessTaskStatus Gets the status of real-time process pulling task
DescribeProcesses Gets process list
DescribeTagMachines Gets the information of servers associated with specified tag
DescribeTags Gets all server tags
EditTags Adds or edits tags.

Settings Center APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeAlarmAttribute Gets alarm settings
DescribeProVersionInfo Gets CWP Pro information
ModifyAlarmAttribute Modifies alarm settings
ModifyAutoOpenProVersionConfig Sets whether to automatically activate CWP Pro for newly added servers
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