Product Overview

Last updated: 2019-03-06 12:24:08


Product Description

With the high-speed connections, forwarding clusters and intelligent routing technology between global nodes, Global Application Acceleration Platform (GAAP) allows users in different regions to access the closest nodes and to directly reach the origin server via high-speed connections, thus solving access stutter and long lag.
GAAP provides a graphical configuration interface. You can create and use high-speed connections to access your business origin server in just a few minutes and view the running status of connections via the console.

Product Advantages

Global presence

GAAP boasts more than 50 global nodes in Asia, Europe, South America, North America, and Oceania. With such a presence, it can provide stable and efficient high-speed connections for businesses that require cross-origin access or server sharing across the globe to solve business access stutter and high latency.

Stability and efficiency

The nodes in the five continents serve various regions around the world, with a linkage stability of 99.95%. The connection latency within one region is less than 60 ms, and the connection latency across continents or regions is less than 180 ms. A single connection supports 1 GB bandwidth and a concurrency of 1 million connections.

Flexible access

GAAP provides a graphical interface for you to quickly create and use high-speed connections. It supports IP and domain name access; supports connection to the closest region via a globally unified domain name; and supports TCP and UDP protocols, and URL rule forwarding of HTTP and HTTPS.

OPS support

The origin server can obtain real user IP. GAAP supports capacity expansion and business change as needed without affecting your business; provides statistical analysis in multiple dimensions, such as bandwidth, concurrence, packet loss, delay, and packet forwarding; and supports cloud monitor alarm for connections and origin servers.