Application Scenarios

Last updated: 2020-03-04 11:40:08

    One server shared by game players worldwide

    In general, many of our games are simultaneously accessible to players around the globe or across a large region, but this type of scenario may compromise game fairness and user experience due to network differences in various regions. The Global Application Acceleration Service allows multiple regions to use a unified domain name for access, allowing players in each region to access the nearest high-speed connections, enabling simultaneous acceleration of users worldwide or in the same region, directly improving user experience and ensuring game fairness.

    Cross-origin access acceleration

    For businesses that require cross-origin access, network conditions in different regions often result in increased latency and packet loss, affecting the user experience of cross-domain business access. GAAP can create high-speed connections between the acceleration region (region where the user is located) and the origin server region (region where the server is located), which effectively reduce network latency and packet loss, ensure fast and stable network, and deliver better user experience.
    Such business scenarios include transnational websites, cross-border e-commerce, globally operated apps, global LVB, video, and global finance.