Last updated: 2019-07-22 12:30:56

Term Full Name Description
SSL Certificates SSL Certificates Digital certificate, also known as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) digital certificate, is a computer identification mechanism and can be obtained from identity verification agencies. Technically, anyone can issue a digital certificate to you, that is, the individual or organization that issues the digital certificate to you will sign your public key. Generally, international credible certificates are issued by CAs actively or on applications of users.
HTTPS Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), also known as HTTP over TLS, HTTP over SSL or HTTP Secure It is a network security transfer protocol. On network, HTTPS communicates via Hypertext Transfer Protocol and uses SSL/TLS to encrypt packets. HTTPS is mainly developed to provide authentication of web servers and protect the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data. The protocol was first proposed by Netscape in 1994.
CA Certificate Authority (CA) Also known as e-commerce certification center, or e-commerce certification authority. CAs issue and manage digital certificates, and are responsible for validation public keys in the public key system as the trusted third parties in e-commerce transactions.