API Category

Last updated: 2020-03-11 18:12:23


Cluster APIs

API Name Feature
CreateCluster Creates cluster
DeleteCluster Deletes cluster
DeleteIdlFiles Deletes IDL description file
DescribeClusters Queries cluster information list
ModifyClusterName Renames cluster
ModifyClusterPassword Changes cluster password

Other APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeRegions Queries region list
DescribeTasks Queries task list
DescribeUinInWhitelist Queries whether the current user is in the whitelist

Table APIs

API Name Feature
ClearTables Clears table data
CompareIdlFiles Uploads and verifies table modification file
CreateBackup Creates backup
CreateTables Creates tables in batches
DeleteTables Drops table
DescribeIdlFileInfos Queries table description file details
DescribeTables Queries table details
DescribeTablesInRecycle Queries the details of table in recycle bin
ModifyTableMemos Modifies table remarks
ModifyTableQuotas Scales table
ModifyTables Modifies table structure in batches
RecoverRecycleTables Recovers table from recycle bin
RollbackTables Rolls back table data
VerifyIdlFiles Uploads and verifies table creation file

Table Group APIs

API Name Feature
CreateTableGroup Creates table group
DeleteTableGroup Deletes table group
DescribeTableGroups Queries table group list
ModifyTableGroupName Renames TcaplusDB table group