Release Notes

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    This document introduces the updates to the Tencent Container Registry (TCR) Enterprise Edition. For the updates to Tencent Kubernetes Engine (TKE), see Release Notes.

    October 2020

    The image building feature added support for multiple code sources.Support for private GitLab and TGit code sources was added, and the code source authorization process was optimized.-
    The delivery assembly line deployment feature added support for image filtering.Support was added for the use of local pushed images to trigger deployment. Users can also configure filter rules to deploy only the latest pushed images that meet the rules.Using the Delivery Assembly Line to Implement Container DevOps

    September 2020

    The image tag retention feature was added.Users can create rules for the automatic clearing of image tags in a namespace. Such rules can be executed periodically to clear historical image tags.Configuring Image Tag Retention

    August 2020

    The dedicated TCR plug-in was launched for TKE.Through one-click installation of the dedicated TCR Enterprise Edition plug-in, TKE clusters can enable secret-free pulling of container images and Helm charts via the private network. This greatly improves the application deployment experience.TKE Clusters Use the TCR Plug-In to Enable Secret-free Pulling of Container Images via Private Network
    Added support for Tencent Cloud tags.Users are now allowed to bind Enterprise Edition instances with Tencent Cloud tags, with which they can perform instance resource filtering and permission management.Creating an Enterprise Edition Instance

    July 2020

    The delivery assembly line feature was launched.Through quick configuration of a delivery assembly line, users can enable the automatic triggering of image building, push, and application updates by code updates. Used with TKE, this feature can quickly implement container DevOpsUsing the Delivery Assembly Line to Implement Container DevOps
    The Helm Chart feature was updated.Supports upload and download of chart packages via the console. TKE supports the use of TCR private Helm repositories for application deployment.Managing Helm Chart

    June 2020

    The Enterprise Edition entered the stage of full beta testing.The Enterprise Edition officially started its full beta testing and supports the creation of secure and exclusive Enterprise Edition instances, image security scanning, cross-regional synchronization, and Helm charts.TCR Product Overview

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