Configuring Alarms

Last updated: 2020-09-15 11:29:29

    Operation Scenarios

    TencentDB for Redis has a full range of custom alarms. When a metric exceeds the specified threshold, alarm notifications will be sent through SMS. This document describes how to configure alarms in the TencentDB for Redis Console.


    1. Log in to the Redis Console and click the icon as shown below in the instance list to enter the alarm page.
    2. On the alarm page, click Configure Alarms.
    3. Configure parameters on the policy creation page and click Complete. For more information on the alarm service, please see Alarm Service Overview.
      • Policy Type: select TencentDB for Redis.
      • Alarm Object: select the instance object that needs to be associated with.
      • Alarm Channel: set the recipient group and select the objects to receive SMS notifications.