Basic Features

Last updated: 2020-02-26 18:04:25

    After purchasing and using a Tencent Cloud product supported by Cloud Monitoring (CM), you can access Cloud Monitoring Console To view various metrics such as health status, and set alarm rules for monitoring items.

    Monitoring cloud product resources

    CM offers free monitoring of cloud resources on Tencent Cloud.

    • CM can automatically and accurately collect basic monitoring metrics and store monitoring metric data in real time.
    • Cloud Product Monitoring and [ Dashboard] supports the establishment of rich and varied charts to view Tencent Cloud services's Metric data in a custom way, and can be configured Alarms . Approve [ API] Metric data can also be pulled for further use and analysis.

    Most monitoring metrics of cloud services can be collected and displayed automatically, eliminating the need for manual configuration.
    You need to install and run Agent to collect monitoring data for some cloud services, such as CVM monitoring and CPM monitoring. You can choose automatic installation when purchasing resources for these cloud services.

    Providing alarm services

    CM provides timely and personalized alarm services.

    • Based on existing monitoring metric data, you can configure alarms for cloud resources and custom metrics using default or customized configuration.
    • You can set different alarm policies (such as event alarm, failure alarm, and threshold alarm) for resources to meet the requirements of different OPS scenarios.
    • You can distinguish alarms at different levels by setting different frequencies and logic; you can configure the mobile number, email, and callback URL options to receive alarm messages through different channels in a timely manner.

    Displaying multi-dimensional charts

    CM allows you to view existing monitoring data in various custom charts.

    1. You can view the monitoring data of cloud resources in Monitoring views and details . The latest data is displayed in curves by default.
      You can subscribe to key metrics, customize how to display and compute metrics, sort and compare them in lists and charts, troubleshoot exceptions, and analyze failures on Dashboard.
    2. You can view the monitoring data and alarm information of all cloud services under your account in Cloud product monitoring .

    Monitoring custom data

    CM allows you to report custom monitoring metrics.

    • Users can use the [ Custom Monitoring] upload the concerned Metric (such as the data generated by the application) to Cloud Monitor for real-time calculation and storage through Tencent Cloud's basic network. And through the foreground display and alarm combined with the underlying foundation Metric to help users analyze faults and predict trends.
    • You can call APIs to report alarm information and send alarms via Custom Messages . The data information you need will be delivered via free SMS messages and emails.

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