Bandwidth Packet Monitoring Metrics

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    Monitoring Metrics

    Metric Name Description Unit Dimension
    OutTraffic Public network outbound bandwidth Mbps bandwidthPackageId
    InTraffic Public network inbound bandwidth Mbps bandwidthPackageId
    Outpkg Outbound packets Packets/sec bandwidthPackageId
    Inpkg Inbound packets Packets/sec bandwidthPackageId

    The statistical granularity (period) may vary by metric. The DescribeBaseMetrics API can be used to obtain the period supported by each metric.

    Overview of the Parameters in Each Dimension

    Parameter Name Dimension Name Dimension Description Format
    Instances.N.Dimensions.0.Name bandwidthPackageId Dimension name of the bandwidth package ID Enter a string-type bandwidthPackageId dimension name
    Instances.N.Dimensions.0.Value bandwidthPackageId A specific bandwidth package ID Enter a specific bandwidth package ID, such as pdcg-4d545d

    Input Parameters

    To query the monitoring data of a bandwidth package in a VPC instance, use the following input parameters:

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