Use Cases

Last updated: 2020-07-27 10:23:33

    Tencent Cloud services monitoring

    After purchasing and using Tencent Cloud services supported by Cloud Monitor (CM), you can go to the corresponding page on Cloud Monitoring console to view service running status and metrics, and configure alarm rules for monitoring items.

    Custom monitoring

    Custom monitoring supplements basic monitoring of Tencent Cloud services. If CM does not provide the monitoring item you need, you can create one to collect monitoring data and report it to CM. CM also provides monitoring charts and alarms for the monitoring item, keeping you informed on the real-time status of your business.

    Event monitoring

    CM can monitor various Tencent Cloud resources and important event information in the life cycle and operation of the underlying platform infrastructure. You can query event-type data and configure alarms.

    Troubleshooting exceptions

    According to alarm policies you configured, CM will send you alarms when the monitoring data reaches the alarm threshold. This helps you locate exceptions in real time and query the causes.

    Prompt expansion

    You can keep track of Tencent Cloud service status after configuring alarm rules for bandwidth, number of connections, disk utilization, and other monitoring items. You will receive alarms when your business volume increases, and can scale out services based on monitoring data.