Copying a Chart

Last updated: 2021-02-03 14:32:56

    This document describes how to copy a monitoring chart.

    Feature Overview

    By using the monitoring chart copying feature, you can quickly deploy a monitoring chart to the current dashboard or to other dashboards.


    1. Log in to the Cloud Monitor console.
    2. On the left sidebar, click Dashboard List to enter the dashboard list page.
    3. In the dashboard list, find the dashboard from which you want to copy a chart, and click the dashboard name to enter the dashboard management page.
    4. Find the chart from which you want to export data, and click > Copy to copy the chart to the current dashboard or clipboard, as described below:
    • Copy to the current dashboard: click To the current dashboard to copy the chart to the current dashboard.
    • Copy to the clipboard: click To the clipboard, and later, when creating a monitoring chart under any dashboard, directly paste the copied chart.

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