Configuring a Data Source

Last updated: 2021-05-31 10:42:49

The Tencent Cloud Monitor App plugin gets the monitoring metric data of Tencent Cloud services by calling CM APIs. You can configure the data sources of the corresponding Tencent Cloud services in the following steps.

  1. Mouse-over the gear icon on the left sidebar and click Data Sources to go to the data source management page.
  2. Click Add data source in the top-right corner and then click Tencent Cloud Monitoring to go to the data source configuration page.
  3. Set Name: indicates a data source name, which can be customized and is Tencent Cloud Monitoring by default.
  4. Set SecretId and SecretKey: security certificate information required for CM API calls, which can be obtained on the TencentCloud API Key page in the Tencent Cloud console.
  5. Select Tencent Cloud services whose monitoring data you want to get.
  6. Click Save & Test to test whether the data source is configured correctly, and if so, you can use it in the dashboard.