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Upgrading Instance Architecture

Last updated: 2022-04-21 09:54:46

    TencentDB for Redis supports standard architecture and cluster architecture. To help you process ever-growing business data, it allows you to upgrade from standard architecture to cluster architecture if the performance and capacity of standard architecture are insufficient.

    Upgrade Description

    • For Redis 4.0 or above, a standard architecture instance can be upgraded to a cluster architecture instance on the same version; for example, you can upgrade from Redis 4.0 Standard Architecture to Redis 4.0 Cluster Architecture.
    • Cross-version architecture upgrade is not supported; for example, you cannot upgrade from Redis 4.0 Standard Architecture to Redis 5.0 Cluster Architecture.
    • The architecture of Redis 2.8 cannot be upgraded.
    • Cluster architecture cannot be downgraded to standard architecture.
    • After standard architecture is upgraded to cluster architecture, fees will be charged based on cluster architecture and thus get increased. For more information, please see Pricing.

    How Upgrade Works

    • Redis standard architecture can be directly upgraded to cluster architecture (single shard) within 3 minutes with no data migration required.
    • In Redis 4.0 or above, if standard architecture is upgraded to cluster architecture, only the runtime mode of the instance will change from having no slot limit to having a slot limit, but data migration will not be involved.

    Upgrade Preparations (Compatibility Check)

    To avoid business failures caused by compatibility problems during migration to cluster architecture, please check the compatibility before the upgrade:

    • Cluster architecture stores data in a distributed manner, and its biggest difference from standard architecture lies in whether a single command supports multikey access. For the cluster architecture, commands can be categorized into supported, partially supported, and unsupported. For the complete list of compatible commands, please see Command Compatibility.
    • For more information about compatibility check, please see Notes on Migration from Standard to Cluster Architecture.

    Upgrade Impact

    • Generally, upgrade can be completed in 3 minutes.
    • During the upgrade, existing connections will be closed momentarily; therefore, your business should have a reconnection mechanism.

    Upgrade Directions

    1. Log in to the TencentDB for Redis console, select an region at the top of the instance list, click an instance ID, and enter the instance management page.
    2. On the instance details page, click Upgrade Architecture.
    3. In the pop-up dialog box, select the architecture and switch time, indicate your consent to the notice about compatibility risks, and click OK.
      Architecture upgrade supports Switch Now and Switch Maintenance Window options. You can modify the maintenance time in "Maintenance Window" on the instance details page.
    4. After the payment is completed, you will be redirected to the instance list. After the status of the instance becomes Running, it can be used normally.
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