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Format of SMS Message

SMS consists of signature and body content. You need to apply for SMS signature and text content template before sending SMS.
For example, the SMS signature is Tencent Technology The text of the message is Your QQ login verification code is 1234, valid within 5 minutes. The complete text message is as follows:

For example, in this SMS message: "[Tencent Technology] Verification code for QQ login is 1234, which is valid for five minutes",

For the above example, you need to complete the following actions before sending an SMS:

  1. Apply for [Signing information] Tencent Technology The signature of the text message.
  2. Apply for [SMS content] Your QQ login verification code is {1}, valid for {2} minutes. The text template of the SMS, where {1} and {2} are the parameters customized by deliver during the actual SMS.

SMS signature
A signature is an identifier added before the message body for identification of the company or business. Before applying for a signature, enterprise users need to upload qualification certificates, and individual users need to upload their identity certificates The SMS signature must be verified and approved before it can be used.
Example of SMS signature:
Verification enterprise is: Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co., Ltd., you can apply for a signature related to the enterprise name. **Tencent Technology** You can also apply for a signature related to the product name of the company **WeChat** , **Tencent Cloud** etc.

You do not need to enter "[]" when applying for SMS signature in the console, for example, you need to use the **Tencent Technology** As a signature, just enter [Signing information] for Tencent Technology That's fine.

SMS Message Template

SMS template is the specific text content of SMS sent. SMS template supports CAPTCHA template, notification SMS template and marketing SMS template. The content of SMS can be customized through template parameters.

Personal Verification users do not support applying for marketing SMS template and deliver marketing SMS.

You need to apply for an SMS signature before applying for an SMS message template which can be used only after it is approved.
SMS message template example:
Tencent Technology needs to sent an SMS verification code in the following format: " [ Tencent Technology] Verification code for QQ login is 1234, which is valid for two minutes ". In practice, the content (" 1234 ") and the validity period (" two minutes ") of verification codes are variable.
You can apply for a signature and a template as below:

  • SMS signature: Tencent Technology
  • SMS template: Verification code for QQ login is {1}, which is valid for {2} minutes.
    Note: Both {1} and {2} in the template are variables and arranged in order. In practice, their values can be configured using the parameters in the template.

General SMS Message

General SMS message is divided into SMS verification message and SMS notification message:

  • SMS verification message : It is used to send verification codes for registration/login, payment confirmation, identity verification.
Your login verification code is 1234, please fill in within 2 minutes. If you do not do it yourself, please ignore this message.
  • SMS notification message : It is used to send system notifications, such as logistics information, payment receipt, and status alert.
Example of SMS notification message: The documents you submitted for the filed order 201700001234 are approved. You can submit supplement materials now. If you have submitted them to Tencent Cloud, please wait.

Marketing SMS Message

Marketing SMS generally refers to the text message with obvious marketing and promotion intention to the website and the company's registered member deliver when operating company promotions and member activities. Marketing SMS is often used to send member care, new product Activate reminders, event notifications and other marketing promotion information.

Sample 1:

Good news! You can use {1} to apply for a celebrated store now, which means your brand reputation is enhanced, more customers are attracted, and plenty of materials are provided free of charge. Apply now. Reply T if you don't want to receive such message.

Sample 2:

Another new year promotion is coming! Haircare products are 30% off. The sale begins on Feb, 17, 9 am. For more information, visit xxx. Reply T if you don't want to receive such message.