Last updated: 2019-12-20 15:32:22

    Do SMS products support vouchers?

    Vouchers are not applicable to SMS products.

    What is the billing method of Global SMS?

    Global SMS: Pay-as-you-go(billed monthly before the 3rd day of each month).
    For more information, please see Product Prices. For billing rules, please see Billing.

    My account balance is sufficient, but an error 1031 (insufficient balance) is returned when I send SMS messages.

    SMS service is billed on a prepaid basis, which cannot be used until an SMS package is purchased. Although your Tencent Cloud account balance is sufficient, an error is returned if you do not purchase an SMS package. The service is resumed when the SMS package you purchased takes effect.

    There are messages available in the SMS package, but an error 1033 (out of service due to arrears) is returned when I send SMS messages.

    This is probably caused by a late payment for a postpaid Tencent Cloud service, resulting in the suspension of your SMS service. Check your Tencent Cloud account balance. If your account balance becomes negative, the service is suspended due to arrears. When you pay off the arrears and your balance is greater than 0, the service is automatically resumed, which may take several minutes.

    Is refund of the package balance supported?

    The package purchased takes effect within 5 minutes and becomes invalid upon expiration. When purchasing an SMS package, you will be notified of the type of SMS messages that can be sent and the rules of sending SMS messages. If SMS messages cannot be sent due to inconformity with rules, or if individual users have no permission to send marketing SMS messages, the purchased package cannot be unsubscribed/refunded regardless of whether the package is used or not. For more information on how to use SMS package, please see relevant document.

    What can I do if SMS service is in arrears?

    Tencent Cloud provides the SMS bill of the previous month before the 3rd day of each month. You need to pay the bill not later than the 8th day of the current month. Otherwise, Tencent Cloud will suspend your service till you pay off the arrears, and you are held liable for any consequences arising from such suspension.

    Is a fee charged for user's reply?

    The operator will only charge the sender a fee for user's reply.