Last updated: 2019-09-02 10:37:07



Tencent Cloud Global Short Message Service (GSMS), together with many high-quality direct connection channels across the globe, provides premium text messaging services such as sending verification codes, notifications and marketing messages, covering more than 1,000 overseas operators. Multiple languages are supported. GSMS is designed to help enterprises reach global users quickly and conveniently, thus facilitating the expansion of overseas businesses.


Easy connection around the globe

It supports sending text messages in different languages from more than 200 countries/regions worldwide, covering over 1,000 overseas operators. With a detailed SMS connection document provided by Tencent Cloud, it only takes you 10 minutes to complete access and 1 hour to launch the service. Access via Tencent Cloud console, API and SDK are allowed.

Real-time monitoring ensures stability and reliability

Working together with multiple direct connection channels in the world, GSMS can help users send more than 90% SMS messages in just 10 seconds, allowing them to experience high-quality and stable service. Delivery status reports are returned in real time after the messages are sent. The security and reliability of delivery service are guaranteed with multi-dimensional and real-time monitoring and intelligent scheduling.

Comprehensive statistical analysis

You can view the number of delivered SMS messages, success rate of delivery, failure details and proportion of failed deliveries, and report details for different time periods. You can also check the history of SMS messages sent to a single mobile number within a specified time range, the number of delivered SMS messages using the specified template and the success rate of delivery.
GSMS does not support sending messages to users in China. But we will achieve this feature as quickly as possible.