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Last updated: 2022-06-10 17:08:49

    Global SMS Overview

    Tencent Cloud Global SMS collaborates with a great number of premium direct connection channels across the world, covers over 1,000 global carriers, and supports multiple languages to enable you send verification codes, notifications, and marketing SMS conveniently. It is designed to help you reach global users and promote your global business expansion with ease and speed.

    Strengths of Global SMS

    Global reach and easy access

    Global SMS enables you to send SMS messages in multiple languages to users in more than 200 countries/regions through over 1,000 global carriers. It provides complete documentation for SMS access and can be integrated within ten minutes and launched within one hour at the soonest through the Tencent Cloud Console, API, or SDK.

    Real-time monitoring, stability, and reliability

    Global SMS works with premium direct connection channels across the world. Over 90% of SMS messages can be received within 10 seconds. A delivery status report will be returned immediately a message is sent. Real-time monitoring and intelligent scheduling ensure service security and reliability.

    Comprehensive statistical analysis

    Global SMS provides a wide variety of reports on the number of SMS messages sent, success rate, failure analysis, and receipt analysis, SMS messages sent to a specific mobile number, and the number of SMS messages sent and success rate based on a specific template over a specific period of time.

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