Last updated: 2019-08-28 17:18:37

Tencent Cloud GSMS provides a variety of services, such as verification code, system notification, and event notification, to meet the needs of enterprises for basic services and operational activities.

Signature customization

SMS signature is an identifier placed before the message body for identifying a company or business, which can be a company name, product name, website name, brand name, name of a WeChat Official Account or Mini Program or their abbreviation.

Message body template

Message body can be a verification code, system notification, and member marketing content. Templated SMS messages can be customized by use of parameters (variables). Templates are shared between China Short Message Service (CSMS) and GSMS messages.

SMS message delivery

After the message body template and SMS signature are approved, you can send SMS messages through the console, cloud SMS API or SDK.

Status notification

You can check whether an SMS message is sent successfully or not on the console, and the number of fragment messages (variable parameters in the body template will affect the final number of fragment messages).

Unauthorized usage prevention

Tencent Cloud GSMS features alarms for excessive message traffic on each calendar day. As soon as the number of messages sent by a user in one single day exceeds the preset volume, the system will trigger alarms that notify the predefined alarm recipients, helping to reduce or avoid losses caused by potential unauthorized usage.

Statistical reports

You can view the total number of sent messages and delivery success rate for the current day, prior day, last seven days, last 30 days or a specified time period; logs of messages delivered to a specific mobile number for a specified time period; number of sent messages and delivery rate of messages using a specific template for a specified time period; and delivery failure details, delivery report details and related analyses for a specified date or time period.