Prepay Account Top Up

Last updated: 2019-02-01 16:16:01


Users need to top-up their prepay account to purchase Tencent Cloud services if their prepay account is in negative. To avoid service interruptions caused by arrears, we suggest that users top up their prepay account before using any cloud services. Please note that most Tencent Cloud services are billed by hour, therefore prepay account arrears may cause service suspension.

To top-up their prepay account, users can choose to pay with Credit Card or Bank Transfers.

To ensure data security, only the creator and collaborator with authorized finance permission are allowed to enter the "Top-up" page.

Top-up Process

Enter the "Top-up" page

After logging in to Tencent Cloud, go to "Console" and click "Top-up Now", or go to "Billing Center" and click "Top-up Now" to enter the "Top-up" page.

On the Top-up page, choose "PayPal" or "Bank Transfer" or "Credit Card" to top-up account.

Top-up Methods

Bank Transfer

1.If you choose Bank Transfer, please directly transfer money to our bank account via online banking, check, wire transfer or bank deposit at the counter. You can see our account information on the Bank Transfer page. Please include your Tencent Cloud account ID in remarks when you make the bank payment.

Tencent Cloud bank account information is as below:

Beneficiary name: ACEVILLE PTE.LTD.
Beneficiary account: 260-737366-178 (USD account)
Beneficiary bank: HSBC, Singapore
Remarks: Cloud service fee + developer account (unique ID)

2.After payment is made, please submit remittance information and upload the electronic bank receipt by clicking "Submit payment information". This step is important as it will help us identify your payment, otherwise your account balance may not be updated.

3.After submitting the payment information, you can check the status and progress of transfer request in "Billing Center" -> “Funds Management” -> "Bank Transfer Query". It usually takes 3 business days to update the bank transfer amount into your account, given that your payment information is accurate. However, cross-border transactions may take more time. If you have any questions, you can submit a ticket in the console.

4.Please note that bank transfer may incur bank charges. As we cannot retrieve bank data, all bank charges will be borne by users.


If you choose Bank Transfer as payment option, please make sure payments are made in USD.

Automatic Top-up

Most of our cloud services are billed by the hour and therefore your account will be automatically charged by the hour. When your account balance runs negative, it is very likely that your cloud services will be interrupted. We strongly suggest that you top-up before purchasing any services. To ensure a better user experience, we will automatically top-up your Tencent Cloud account when your account balance runs less than $1. If the top-up amount is larger than the amount you currently owe, we will automatically reduce the next charge accordingly.

How does automatic charge and top-up work?

The timing of when we automatically charge your account depends on the cloud services you use. Most of our cloud services are billed by the hour, meaning your account will be automatically charged by the hour. If your account balance is less than $1, we will automatically top-up your account until your account balance is $30.

For example, if your account balance is $2 and you spent $3 on services in the recent billing cycle, we will charge you $3 and top-up your account balance to $30 automatically. If your account balance is $3.5 and you spent $3 on services in the recent billing cycle, we will top-up your account balance to $29.5 automatically. In either case, your final account balance will be $30.

If we unable to top-up your prepay account and your prepay account balance remains negative, cloud services for most products will be interrupted within two hours. Please ensure that your credit card is valid and functioning.