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Beneficiary Account Bank Transfer Feature

Last updated: 2019-09-27 11:35:59


Tencent Cloud International website has launched a Beneficiary Account Bank Transfer feature. Customers can apply for a unique Tencent Cloud Bank Transfer account to associate with their own account. The system will verify if the registered name in the console matches the bank account name. If the names matches, the system will automatically top up the account and send a report to the finance system. To enable Bank Transfer, go to: Billing Center>Payment Management>Payment>Bank Transfer.

Step 1. Set a payer name for the Bank Transfer account
Click Add Account Name to add the payer’s bank account name. Up to 5 payer bank account names can be added. The name must be the same as the actual payer’s bank account name, or you will not be able to top up the account.

Step 2. Query and enable the Bank Transfer account
Click Next Step to view and determine whether Bank Transfer has been enabled for your account. If it is enabled, you will see the Bank Transfer beneficiary account information, including the beneficiary account name and number, beneficiary bank, and SWIFT code.

Step 3. Use the Bank Transfer account to pay Tencent Cloud offline
You can use the beneficiary account information in your Bank Transfer account to pay Tencent Cloud offline, and the system will automatically detect these payments. If the Bank Transfer account name matches any of the payer names you have set in the console, your Tencent Cloud account will be topped up automatically. It generally takes one business day to complete bank transfers, subject to the banking system. We will send you a notification of the transfer result through SMS, email, or the console Message Center.

Step 4. Payment information and progress query
To query the information and progress of a payment, go to Billing Center>Payment Management>Bank Transfer Query.