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Payment Methods

Last updated: 2022-05-09 18:16:52

    Tencent Cloud users can query, add, delete and set a default payment method on the Payment Methods page. At least one payment method should be added. This document describes how to add a payment method.

    Viewing Payment Methods

    The Payment Methods page displays details of your payment methods, such as payment type, account ID, payer name, account status and action.


    • Click “Make Default” to mark a payment method as the default payment method.
    • There can only be one default payment method. This payment method will be used to for auto payments on the payment due date (the 10th of every month) or when your available credit is insufficient.

    Adding Payment Methods

    • Click Add Payment Method to add a credit card.

    • When a payment method has been added, it will be bound to your Tencent Cloud account and used for top up and payment.

    Deleting Payment Methods

    • Click Delete to delete selected payment methods. The default payment method cannot be deleted. To delete the current default payment method, you will need to first add or select another payment method and set it as the default method.


    1. How can I bind a credit card?
      Go to Payment Methods to add a credit card.

    2. How can I bind a credit card if I have already bound a PayPal account?
      Go to Payment Methods to add a credit card and click Make Default. Then click Delete to delete the PayPal account.

    3. How many types of payment methods do Tencent Cloud support?
      Tencent Cloud currently only support credit cards for payment.

    4. How many payment methods can I add?
      You can add as many payment methods as you like, but there can only be one default payment method.

    5. What types of credit card do Tencent Cloud support?
      Tencent Cloud support six types of credit card, namely VISA, MasterCard, JCB, DISCOVER, AMEX and UnionPay.

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