FAQs on Bills

Last updated: 2017-10-27 11:36:44

    1. Why there is an amount difference between consumption details and resource statement/income & expense details?

    The resources that do not support itemized billing, such as IDC and CDN, fall under "Default Projects" in the Resource Statement. This type of resources currently include IDC bandwidth, CDN bandwidth, COS, VOD and LVB.

    These resources are spread among various projects in the consumption details after Estimation based on their proportions of usage. Therefore, consumption details can only be used to estimate the cost of each project.

    Since the consumption details does not represent a complete inclusion of all products, it cannot be used for reconciliation. Please use income&expense details and resource statement for reconciliation.

    2. What is the difference between resource statement and income & expense details?

    Resource Statement

    Queries of monthly statement by month, platform, payment method and user project are supported.

    The resource statement lists resource IDs to identify the corresponding resource.

    The details of each data item in the statement include deduction time, due time and so on.

    Income & Expense Details

    Query of income & expense details of account by transaction type is supported.

    Checking details of each deduction is supported.

    3. How do I obtain the statement for the resources consumed in a month?

    Assuming that you want to get the statement for the resources consumed in October, you can combine the data of prepaid resources, daily paid resources, hourly paid resources for the resource statement in October with the data of monthly paid resources for the resource statement in November.

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