Auto-payment Feature

Last updated: 2020-11-13 09:02:18


All the dates and time for settlements and transactions under your Tencent Cloud account are based on Beijing Time (UTC + 08:00).

Tencent Cloud provides a certain credit limit within a fixed billing cycle for postpaid accounts. You can purchase and use cloud services in advance within the scope of the credit limit. On the payment due date, the system will automatically deduct the amount due from the default payment method (credit card) that is bound to your account. However for the customers with sales rep, this automatic payment feature is turned off by default. To enable this feature, go to Billing Center > Account Info.

If you enable this automatic payment feature:

  1. On the monthly payment due date (the 10th of every month) or when the credit limit is exceeded, the system will deduct payment for all confirmed, due, and unpaid bills from past months from the default payment method of the your account.
  2. If the bill for the past months has not been confirmed, the system will not automatically deduct payment from the default payment method bound to your account, even if the payment due date has been reached. For bills that have not been confirmed and for which the payment has not been automatically deducted, the system will detect and initiate automatic payment in the following billing cycle. Therefore, if you want the system to perform automatic payment for your account as scheduled, please regularly check and confirm the bill after it is issued every month.

Payment due date is determined based on the billing month and your account’s billing cycle.
For example, if your billing cycle is 1 month, the payment for the bill for May is due on June 10th. If your billing cycle is 2 months, the payment for the bill for May is due on July 10th.

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