Post-paid Billing Account

Last updated: 2020-02-10 16:50:40


Tencent Cloud's post-paid billing account provides you with a better experience by extending a credit limit, allowing you to spend within the credit limit for any Tencent Cloud services. We will automatically charge the bill amount using your default payment method bound with your post-paid account based on your billing cycle. You can also make an early payment. Once the bill is paid successfully, your available credit will be restored.

Post-paid account information

Initial Credit

Initial credit is the credit offered by Tencent Cloud according to a customer's credit rating, which will remain unchanged unless manually adjusted.

Available Credit

Available credit is the current available amount of credit within the billing cycle, and you can purchase any Tencent Cloud services if you have a surplus amount of available credit in your post-paid billing account. Available credit is a variable, which can run out if there is a large bill pending.

Available Credit = Credit limit - unsettled amount - outstanding balance - deposit

Credit Limit

Credit limit is the maximum current credit, which equals to Initial Credit plus top-up amount (payment overflow).

Unsettled Amount

Unsettled amount is the total fees for using Tencent Cloud services during the current bill period.

Outstanding Balance

Outstanding balance is the total fees payable by you to Tencent Cloud, which includes the due amount and overdue amount.

Due Amount

Due amount refers to the bill amount that should be paid before the due date.

Overdue Amount

Overdue amount refers to the bill amount that should have been paid before the due date and is in fact overdue.


For certain pay-as-you-go services such as CVM, the system estimates an amount based on the billing cycle and usage in previous periods and reserves the estimated amount in the available credit. Deposit is the amount reserved in the post-paid account by the system, and it cannot be spent until the resource is released. For deposit rules of each product, please refer to the description of each product.

Billing Cycle

Billing cycle is the bill period to pay for services you have purchased. Billing cycles can also be manually changed according to your credit rating, but the change will only take effect in the upcoming month. Your cloud services are billed based on your billing cycle, the system will automatically charge the bill amount using the default payment method bound with your post-paid account on the due date (10th of each month).

For example, if your initial credit is 1000USD and the billing cycle is one month, the service fee generated in April will be billed in May, which should be paid on June 10th as the billing cycle is one month.


Can available credit be withdrawn?

Please note that available credit extended by Tencent Cloud cannot be withdrawn.