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Last updated: 2021-09-22 18:01:20

    In Tencent Cloud CMQ, you can use users and permissions to manage and control permissions and set permissions in policy management for specified users or user groups at the level of API or API set.

    This document describes the dimensions of CMQ permission settings and how to set permissions.

    1. Policy

    Tencent Cloud uses policies to control relevant permissions of users or user groups. You can create an appropriate policy first and then associate it with specified users or user groups.

    2. User and User Group

    When setting permissions, you need to specify the users or user groups that the permissions will be granted to; when setting a user or user group, you can associate it with relevant policies.


    User group

    3. CMQ Permission Dimensions

    This section will be completed in the near future.

    4. Sample CMQ Permission Settings

    Setting Permissions Through API >>
    Setting Permissions in Console >>

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