Overview of users and Permission

Last updated: 2020-02-17 18:14:36


Tencent Cloud message queue CMQ can be accessed through the Users and Permissions Realize the management and control of Permission, and support the assignment of User or User group , through Policy Management Set Permission to < interface > or < interface set >.

This article will first guide you to understand the relevant contents of Permission setting, and introduce the Permission setting dimension of CMQ.

1. Set policy

Tencent Cloud users passed with Permission. Policy To control the relevant Permission of a user or user group, you can first establish a mature policy, and then add the specified user or user group Associate to the policy.

2。 Users and user groups

When setting Permission, you need to make sure that you want to specify the user or user group of Permission. When you set the user or user group, you can add Associate to the relevant policy.


User group

3. CMQ Permission dimension

This section will be supplemented in the near future.

4. Example of CMQ Permission setting

Set Permission through API > >
Set Permission through the console > >