Publishing Messages to Topics

Last updated: 2020-02-26 21:05:11


The producer pushes the message to topic by specifying the following information:
Topic name

  • Topic Resource ID
  • Publish topic, Enter defined by the user
  • Publish content: for the entity content of the message, customers customize Enter, and CMQ will not make any coding or modification.
  • Add message filter tags: Tag, is the message label and message type, which is used to distinguish the message classification under the Topic of a CMQ. Allow consumers to filter messages by Tag, ensuring that consumers end up consuming only the types of messages they care about. This feature is not enabled by default. When it is not enabled, all messages are sent to all subscribers. When the subscriber sets Tag, the subscriber cannot receive the message because of a mismatch. The message filtering tag describes the label of message filtering in the subscription (only messages with consistent labels are pushed). A string with no more than 16 characters in a single Tag, and a maximum of 10 Tag can be added to a single message.