Creating a Queue

Last updated: 2020-02-26 20:44:50


In [message queuing CMQ] > [queuing Service] > [ Queue Click [Create] in the upper left corner of the page to create a message queue (Queue).
When creating a queue, the user needs to specify the following attribute values:

Attribute Description Value
Queue name QueueName, is the name of the queue. As the unique ID of the resource, when API is called for operation, Queue name shall prevail. It cannot be modified after it has been successfully created. In order to prevent confusion, it is not allowed to create uppercase and lowercase queues, please note that they are strictly case-sensitive when used.
Long-polling Waiting Time for Message Receipt When PollingWaitSeconds, long polling waits, a message consumption request will only return a response when a valid message is fetched or a long polling timeout occurs, similar to long polling for Ajax requests. Unit: seconds. Valid value range: 200 milliseconds-30 seconds. The default value is 200 milliseconds.
Hidden Duration of Fetched Messages The VisibilityTimeout property of the queue. Every Message has a default VisibilityTImeout,Worker. After receiving the message, the timeout starts to clock. If the Worker fails to process the Message, within the timeout time, the message may be received and processed by other Worker. Unit: seconds. Valid value range: 1-43200 seconds, that is, 1 second-12 hours. The default value is set to 30 seconds by default.
Max Message Length The MaxMsgSize property of the queue, which defines the maximum length of the message body allowed to be sent to the queue. Unit: byte. Valid value range: 1024-65536byte, that is, 1KB-64KB. The default value is 64KB.
Message Lifecycle The msgRetentionSeconds attribute of the queue, the longest survival time of the message in this queue. After the time specified by this parameter since it was sent to the queue, the message will be deleted regardless of whether the message has been fetched or not. Unit: seconds. Valid value range: 60-1296000 seconds, that is, 1 minute-15 days.
Maxi Retained Messages The limit is a single queue, the maximum number of Message Retention (not deleted). The maximum number of heap messages in a single queue is 100 million and the minimum is 1 million. If you need to increase the quota, please contact technical support.
Message Rewind If the "message rewind" ability is not enabled, the consumer has consumed, and the message confirmed to be deleted will be deleted immediately. When the function is turned on, rewind's "rewind cycle" must be specified. The range of "but rewind cycle" must be less than or equal to the life cycle of the message. It is recommended that the rewind cycle and the message life cycle be set to the same value to facilitate the location of the problem. The cost generated by the message rewind function is 0.01yuan / million messages / hour. For more information, please refer to Message rewind function .
Specify Time Range The time range item can be configured when the message rewind is enabled. The console is not enabled by default. The default value of the enabled time is the same as the message life cycle setting. Time range: 1-15 days, maximum rewind point in time = current time-set rewind time range. Message production time before this value can not rewind.