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Queue and Message Identifiers

Last updated: 2020-07-14 14:34:24

    When using Tencent Cloud CMQ, you need to get familiar with the following three identifiers: queue name, message ID, and receipt handler.

    1. Queue Name

    When creating a queue, you need to provide a unique queue name in the current region. Queue names in different regions can be the same. CMQ uses the region and queue name to uniquely identify a queue. When you want to perform an operation on a queue, you always need to provide these two parameters.

    2. Message ID

    Each message will receive a message ID in the format of Msg-XXXXXXXX assigned by the Tencent Cloud system. It is used to identify a message and can be returned to you through the SendMessage API request. It should be noted that the message receipt handler instead of message ID is required when a message is deleted.

    3. Receipt Handler

    Whenever a message is received from a queue, a receipt handler of the message will also be received, which is always relevant to the message receipt operation rather than the message itself. To delete a message or modify message attributes, the receipt handler instead of the message ID needs to be provided, which means that a message can be deleted/modified only after it is received.

    If a message is received multiple times, the obtained receipt handler will vary by receipt. When a request to delete a message is initiated, the last received receipt handler needs to be provided; otherwise, the message may not be deleted.

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