SDK update log

Last updated: 2020-02-17 18:14:37

    CMQ SDK1.05 (2019mur06MUE 28)

    CMQ supports SDK calls based on TCP Protocol, using less computing resources, safer client threads, more efficient transmission efficiency, better user experience, and more diverse feature support.

    CMQ SDK1.0.4 (2017 MUE4 MUE7)

    • CMQ SDK supports sha256 signature. You can call setSignMethod in initializing Account (see code description for method name) to set signature algorithm.
    • Fix known bug.

    CMQ SDK1.0.3 (2017 MUE3 MUE13)

    New features of CMQ: message rewind, message delay, subscription routing function.

    CMQ SDK1.0.2 (2016 Murray 12 Mutual 01)

    • SDK supports topic and subscription models.
    • C + + SDK uses cmake to manage the project instead.
    • Java SDK uses maven to manage the project instead.

    CMQ SDK1.0.1 (2016 Murray 10 Musi 12)

    • Optimize the client timeout experience.
    • Failed to repair PHP SDK authentication bug.
    • Fix PHP send message bug.

    CMQ SDK1.0.0 (2016 Mui 9 Mak 7)

    • At the same time, Activate C. + + , Java, Python and PHP.
    • SDK encapsulates the operation interfaces such as sending message, receiving message, deleting message and so on.

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