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Last updated: 2020-06-19 15:17:54

Welcome to Cloud Message Queue (CMQ).

Tencent Cloud CMQ is a distributed message queuing service used for storing messages transmitted between processes. It is designed to provide reliable message-oriented asynchronous communications service between distributed applications or between different components of the same application. Messages are stored in highly reliable and available queues, which allows multiple processes to read and write simultaneously without interacting with each other. Tencent Cloud CMQ allows messages to be transmitted, with no data loss, between distributed components of the applications that run different tasks. Components are not required to always remain available.

A queue acts as a buffer between a data sender and a data receiver, eliminating issues caused by circumstances in which the data sender works faster than the data receiver or the data sender or receiver only connects to the network intermittently.

In the traditional model of process communications, a client requests services from a server and waits for the server's responses. However, this model has many disadvantages. For example, when network conditions are poor, the client's request may be lost; or when the server takes too long to process a request, the request might fail due to timeout.

To resolve these issues, Tencent Cloud launched the CMQ service for message distribution and management. With Tencent Cloud CMQ, you can decouple components of an application. Each component can run independently, and communications between the components can be simplified. Any component of a distributed application can store messages in queues, and Tencent Cloud CMQ ensures that each message is transmitted at least once and can be read and written many times. A single queue can be simultaneously used by multiple components of a distributed application, which are not required to collaborate with each other. All components can programmatically retrieve and operate messages using CMQ APIs.


All CMQ APIs in this section have been upgraded to API 3.0. Future CMQfeatures will also be added here. We recommend using API 3.0.
Legacy APIs remain available, but will not be updated. For more information, please see CMQ API Overview (legacy).

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