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Last updated: 2022-04-02 21:39:40

    How is CCN billed?

    CCN is billed based on the bandwidth for interconnection. It supports pay-as-you-go by monthly 95 percentile and has three service levels (Platinum, Gold, Silver).
    You can choose the most suitable solution based on your business needs.

    • You can test the network quality using the 10 Kbps of free bandwidth between regions.
    • CCN instances in the same region interconnect with each other. Bandwidth of 5 Gbps or less is free of charge. If you need more than 5 Gbps of bandwidth in the same region, please submit a ticket to contact us.
    • Cross-region interconnection incurs fees, which are related to the service level. For more information, see Billing Overview.

    What are the service levels for CCN?

    Tencent Cloud CCN provides three service levels, including Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

    • The service level for the same region is "Gold" and cannot be modified.
    • Three levels are applied for cross-region interconnection. You can select the service level when creating a CCN instance.

    Costs vary with service levels. You can select a service level based on your business needs. For more information, see Billing Overview.

    How do I migrate a peering connection or a direct connect to CCN?

    You can associate the corresponding network instance with the CCN instance and then implement smooth migration by disabling and re-enabling the related route. For more information, see Best Practices.

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