Last updated: 2018-11-22 17:41:48


What is CCN?

Cloud Connect Network (CCN) provides services for multi-point interconnection among Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and between VPCs and local IDCs. You can join VPC and Direct Connect Gateway instances to CCN to realize single-point access and full-mesh resource interconnection, making it easy to build a simple, intelligent, secure and flexible hybrid cloud and globally interconnected network. For more information, see Product Overview.

What are the benefits of using CCN?

CCN provides you with enterprise-grade network services for single-point access and full-mesh interconnection. It supports automatic forwarding and learning of routes, helping you do away with cumbersome routing maintenance work.

What types of network instances can be associated with CCN?

Currently, CCN supports associating the following types of network instances: VPC and Direct Connect Gateway. For details, see Network Instances.

How can I use CCN?

CCN is currently in internal trial. You need to submit a ticket first. After your application is approved, you can start using it.

How is CCN charged?

  • Interconnection below 1 Gbps of intra-region CCN instances is free of charge.
  • Cross-regional interconnection service fees of CCN are charged using the 95th percentile billing method based on the actually consumed bandwidth in a pay-per-use per-month per-region manner. For details, see Billing Methods.

How can I migrate peering connections and Direct Connect gateways to CCN?

You can first associate the corresponding network instance with the CCN instance and then perform smooth migration by disabling and enabling related routes. For details, see the Operations Guide.