API Documentation

Last updated: 2021-06-11 11:07:04

Cloud Connect Network (CCN) provides APIs to associate, create and delete instances, and to query the lists of associated instances, outbound bandwidth cap in each region, routing policies and so on. You can call these APIs according to your business needs.
Below are CCN-related APIs. For detailed API documentation, see API Category.

API Name Feature
AcceptAttachCcnInstances CCN accepts associated instances
AttachCcnInstances CCN associates instances
AuditCrossBorderCompliance Compliance review
CreateCcn Creates CCN
DeleteCcn Deletes CCN
DescribeCcnAttachedInstances Queries the lists of CCN associated instances
DescribeCcnRegionBandwidthLimits Queries the outbound bandwidth cap of CCN in each region
DescribeCcnRoutes Queries CCN routing policies
DescribeCcns Queries CCN lists
DescribeCrossBorderCompliance Queries compliance review requests
DetachCcnInstances CCN disassociates instances
DisableCcnRoutes Disables CCN routing
EnableCcnRoutes Enables CCN routing
GetCcnRegionBandwidthLimits Queries CCN bandwidth information in each region
ModifyCcnAttribute Modifies CNN attributes
ModifyCcnRegionBandwidthLimitsType Modifies the bandwidth limit policy for pay-as-you-go products
RejectAttachCcnInstances CCN rejects associated instances
ResetAttachCcnInstances Reapplies to associate instances
SetCcnRegionBandwidthLimits Sets the outbound bandwidth cap for CCN in each region or the inter-region bandwidth cap