Expiration Notifications

Last updated: 2019-12-06 12:14:30

    Monthly Prepaid

    Expiration Alert

    Within seven days before expiration, the system will push expiration alerts.

    Expiration Handling

    1. Within 24 hours after expiration, the system automatically renews the account if auto-renewal is enabled and the account balance is sufficient.
    2. More than 24 hours after expiration, the cross-region bandwidth drops to 10 kbit/s if the account is not renewed.

    Monhtly Postpaid (bill by 95th Percentile)

    Arrears Alert

    1. Arrears notification: The system pushes an arrears notification when the account balance becomes negative.
    2. Arrears alert: This feature is disabled by default.

    Arrears Processing

    The system handles arrears based on the time starting from the moment when the balance drops to 0. The logic is as follows:

    1. Within seven days, Cloud Connect Network (CCN) is still available for the account.
    2. Seven days later, the CCN becomes unavailable and the cross-region bandwidth drops to 0 kbit/s if your account balance is still negative. However, the configurations of the CCN are retained and the CCN becomes available after you recharge your account.

    All operations and status changes are pushed to the creator of a Tencent Cloud account, the global resource collaborator, and the financial collaborator via emails and SMSs.

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