Last updated: 2018-11-22 17:41:30


Full-mesh Interconnection and Easy Management

CCN provides you with enterprise-grade network services for single-point access and full-mesh interconnection. Through the automatic forwarding and learning of full-mesh multi-node multi-level routing and second-level routing convergence, all network instances on CCN can be interconnected in one step for easy management with no cumbersome route configuration and management required.

Local Access and Intelligent Scheduling

Based on the multi-node and multi-link full-mesh interconnection, CCN helps you do away with cumbersome routing maintenance work. Its intelligent scheduling system is based on the unified detection of full-mesh multi-level network topology, routing and traffic and supports local access and shortest path routing for local businesses.

Ultra-low Latency and High-speed Transfer

Based on Tencent Cloud's coverage in over 30 regions around the globe, any two points in the network instances associated with CCN can be interconnected through the shortest path with no public network bypassing or link congestion, significantly reducing the network latency of global multi-point interconnection and creating a network featuring high-speed transfer.

Reasonable Billing for Lower Costs

CCN is pay-per-use with a more reasonable monthly 95th percentile billing method, helping round off small fee amounts caused by network jitters. You only need to pay for the bandwidth resources actually used, avoiding the waste caused by prepayments.

Multiple-layer Encryption for Security and Reliability

Based on MPLS-VPN technology, CCN isolates tenant networks from one another by encrypting the network at multiple layers. All data communications of the network instances in CCN do not pass through the Internet, which provides better communication quality and network availability and results in low latency and low packet loss. Further, CCN makes your data more secure and stable by guaranteeing communication quality through multi-level linkage redundancy.

Bandwidth Monitoring for Flexible Adjustment

CCN has single-region egress bandwidth monitoring, speed limiting and alarming functions. Multi-metric monitoring can help you better manage your business. The upper bandwidth limit in each region can be adjusted at any time according to your business growth needs for easier controlling of the network.