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CCN is a pay-as-you-go service.

  • Cross-regional instance interconnection incurs fees, so promptly set your bandwidth limits.
  • Instance interconnection within the same region less than 1 Gbps is currently free of charge.

Billing Method

Cross-regional CCN interconnection billing adopts pay-as-you-go and monthly 95th percentile approach. Its billing is based on monthly actual bandwidth usage.

Cross-account Billing:

  • Cross-account billing is the same as same-account billing.
  • All the interconnection charges incurred by the cross-account shall be paid by the instance account.

Billing Formula

Monthly CCN fee is the sum of the interconnection fees of cross-regional CCN instances.

Monthly cross-region fee = the monthly 95th percentile bandwidth peak of the region * valid day ratio * tiered unit price

  • The monthly 95th percentile bandwidth peak:

The average bandwidth values are collected every 5 minutes and sorted in a descending order. After discarding the highest 5% of values, the next highest value is recorded as the monthly 95th percentile bandwidth peak.

For example, suppose you used CCN in June and there were 14 days of cross-regional interconnection between region A and B. Because there was one data point every 5 minutes, there were 288 data points in a day (60 min * 24 h / 5 min), and a total number of 4032 data points in 14 days (14 days * 288). 4032 data points are then sorted in a descending order according to corresponding bandwidth values, and the highest 5% are discarded (4032 * 0.05 = 201.6). Then the 202th data point's bandwidth value is deemed as the monthly 95th percentile bandwidth peak.

  • Valid day ratio:

A valid day refers to a day when the bandwidth value of any 5-minute statistical point is greater than 10 Kbps.

Valid day ratio = valid days in a month / natural day in a month.

  • Tiered unit price:

A unit price in the tiered pricing scheme.


Billing Item Tier Mainland China Billing Unit
Cross-regional Bandwidth 0 - 100Mbps 37 USD/Mbps/month
100Mbps - 1000Mbps 13
1000+Mbps 9
  • Interconnection between CPM and public cloud of the same city below 1 Gbps is free of charge. For example: The interconnection between Beijing CPM VPC and Beijing Public VPC below 1 Gbps is free of charge.
  • For the price of the interconnection between Mainland China and outside Mainland China regions, please consult your Tencent Cloud representative.

Billing Example

Suppose that your CCN instance is associated with network instances in three regions in June: Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai.

Example (Guangzhou-Beijing):

  • The monthly 95th percentile bandwidth peak:

Billable bandwidth: 120 Mbps

  • Valid day ratio (suppose there are 14 valid days):

Valid day ratio= 14 / 30

  • Tiered unit price:

Tiered unit price: 13USD/Mbps/month

The CCN fee incurred by the interconnection between Guangzhou and Beijing in June is: billable bandwidth (120 Mbps) * valid day ratio (14 / 30) * tiered unit price (13USD/Mbps/month) = USD728

Fees for other regions (Guangzhou-Shanghai, Beijing-Shanghai) are calculated in the same way.

The CCN fee incurred in June is the sum of all cross-regional interconnection fees.