Network Instance Interconnection in One Account

Last updated: 2020-05-14 16:43:29

    This article describes how to use CCN to interconnect VPCs and IDCs under the same account.


    • You have created at least one VPC.
    • The IP ranges of the VPCs and IDCs do not overlap.

    Step 1: Creating a CCN Instance

    1. Log in to the Virtual Private Cloud Console.
    2. Click Cloud Connect Network on the left sidebar to enter the CCN management page.
    3. Click +New. The New CCN instance page appears.
    4. Enter a name for the CCN instance and a description. Select billing mode, service quality, bandwidth limit, and the ID of the VPC you want to associate with. Click Add if you want to associate with multiple VPCs.

      You can associate more instances after the CCN is created.

    5. Click OK.

    Step 2: Associating a Network Instance

    1. In the CCN list, click the ID of the desired CCN to enter the details page.
    2. Click Add an instance under Associate with Instance. The Associate with Instance page appears.
    3. Select the network instance type and region, as well as a specific instance.

      If you need to associate more network instances, click Add.

    4. Click OK to add the selected network instance to CCN.

    Step 3: Checking the Route Table

    IP range conflicts produce invalid routes. To check if such conflicts exist, use the following steps:

    1. In the CCN list, click the ID of the desired CCN instance.
    2. Click Route Tables to view the route table of this CCN instance.
    3. Check if there is any invalid routing policy.
    4. For more information on routing conflicts, refer to Route Restrictions. If you want to enable a route that may lead to routing conflicts, refer to Enabling a Route.

    Step 4: Setting Cross-region Bandwidth Cap (Optional)

    1. In the CCN list, click the ID of the desired CCN ID.
    2. Click Bandwidth Management. Click Change to change the speed limit mode.

      The default bandwidth cap is 1 Gbps. If you want to increase the bandwidth, submit a ticket.

      • Inter-region bandwidth limit
        Click Change Bandwidth to go to the Change Bandwidth page. Select Region A and Region B and enter the Bandwidth Cap. If you need to add more entries, click Add. Click OK to finish.
      • Region outbound bandwidth limit
        Click Adjust bandwidth speed limit. In the page that appears, select desired regions in the Add region outbound speed limit list on the left. Enter corresponding speed limits on the right. Click OK to finish.

    Communication between CCN instances may incur fees. For pricing details, refer to Pricing.

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