Network Instance Interconnection in One Account

Last updated: 2021-11-03 18:52:23

     CCN connects a VPC with another or with IDCs. This document describes how to use CCN to interconnect VPCs in the Guangzhou and Shanghai regions under the same account.


    You can create a pay-as-you-go CCN instance billed by monthly 95 percentile as instructed below.

    This document guides you through how to interconnect a VPC in Guangzhou with a VPC in Shanghai under the same account.


    You have created VPCs, subnets and CVMs in the Shanghai and Guangzhou regions. The two subnets have no duplicate IP ranges, and CVMs reside in the subnets. For the step-by-step instructions, see Building Up an IPv4 VPC.

    Step 1. Create a CCN Instance

    1. Log in to the CCN console.

    2. Go to the CCN page, and then click +New.

    3. In the Create CCN instance dialog box, complete the following configurations, and click OK.

      Field Subfield Description
      Name - Name of the CCN instance
      Billing Mode Pay-as-you-go by monthly 95 percentile Bill the actual bandwidth usage of the current month on 95th percentile basis. It's applicable to business with fluctuating bandwidth demands.
      Service Level Platinum It’s ideal for key businesses that require extremely high communication quality. Gold service is suitable for businesses that require high communication quality, such as payment and game acceleration.
      Gold It’s suitable for businesses that require transmission of key business data, such as enterprise business data and ERP.
      Silver It’s suitable for cost-sensitive and jitter-insensitive businesses that require high security.
      Bandwidth Limit Mode Regional Outbound Bandwidth Cap The total outbound bandwidth cap from a single region to other regions
      Inter-region Bandwidth Cap The inbound and outbound bandwidth cap between two regions
      Associated Instances - The options include VPC, Direct Connect Gateway, BM Virtual Private Cloud, and VPN Gateway. In this example, we choose to associate with VPC in the Shanghai region.

    Step 2. Associate Instances

    To associate a VPC in the Guangzhou region with CCN, perform the following steps.

    1. On the CCN page, click the ID/Name of the target CCN instance to enter its details page.
    2. Select the Associated Instances tab, and click Add an instance.
    3. In the Associated Instances dialog box, choose to associate the VPC instance in the Guangzhou region.

    If you need to associate another network instance, click Add.

    1. Click OK to add the selected network instance to CCN.

    Step 3. Check the Route Table

    Check and confirm that routing policies of all subnets in the VPC associated with the CCN instance are valid. Any IP range conflicts between associated network instances will invalidate routes.

    1. On the CCN page, click the ID/Name of the target CCN instance.
    2. Select the Route Table tab on the details page of the CCN instance to view its route tables.
    3. Check if there is any invalid routing policy. If so, modify the route table according to route limits, and then enable it.

    Step 4. Configure Bandwidth

    Setting the cross-region bandwidth cap (only for pay-as-you-go CCN instances billed by monthly 95th percentile)
    For pay-as-you-go CCN instances billed by monthly 95 percentile, you can configure a cross-region bandwidth cap as needed, including inter-region bandwidth limit and region outbound bandwidth limit.


    The default bandwidth cap is 1 Gbps. If you require a higher bandwidth, please submit a ticket.

    1. On the CCN page, click the ID/Name of the target CCN instance.

    2. Select the Bandwidth Management tab on the details page of the CCN instance.

    3. (Optional) Click Change and choose a bandwidth limit mode.


      Changing the bandwidth limit mode will delete existing configurations. The bandwidth cap will be set to 1 Gbps by default. If you require a higher bandwidth, please submit a ticket.

    1. Configure the bandwidth cap depending on the bandwidth limit mode of the CCN instance:

      • Setting inter-region bandwidth limit
        Click Change Bandwidth. In the pop-up window, select Region A and Region B from the drop-down list and enter the Bandwidth Cap. You can also click Add to configure multiple bandwidth limit rules, and then click OK.

      • Setting region outbound bandwidth limit
        Click Adjust bandwidth cap. In the pop-up window, select regions for which you want to limit the bandwidth on the left and set the bandwidth cap on the right. Click OK.


        Communication between CCN instances may incur fees. For pricing details, refer to Pricing.

    Result Validation

    Log in to a CVM in the Shanghai region, and run the ping <ip address=""> command to connect the CVM in the Guangzhou region. If the following result appears, the two CVMs are connected.