API Category

最終更新日:2021-05-26 14:51:36

    Call Quality Monitoring APIs

    API Name Feature
    CreateTroubleInfo Creates exception information
    DescribeAbnormalEvent Queries exceptional experience events
    DescribeDetailEvent Queries detailed events
    DescribeRoomInformation Queries room list
    DescribeCallDetail Queries user list and call metrics
    DescribeUserInformation Queries user list
    DescribeHistoryScale Queries the number of historical rooms and users

    Other APIs

    API Name Feature
    CreatePicture Uploads an image
    DeletePicture Deletes an image
    DescribePicture Queries image parameters
    ModifyPicture Modifies image parameters

    Room Management APIs

    API Name Feature
    RemoveUser Removes a user
    DismissRoom Dismisses a room
    RemoveUserByStrRoomId Removes a user from a room (by room ID in string type)
    DismissRoomByStrRoomId Closes a room (by room ID in string type)

    On-Cloud MixTranscoding APIs

    API Name Feature
    StartMCUMixTranscode Enables On-Cloud MixTranscoding
    StopMCUMixTranscode Ends On-Cloud MixTranscoding
    StartMCUMixTranscodeByStrRoomId Enables On-Cloud MixTranscoding (by room ID in string type)
    StopMCUMixTranscodeByStrRoomId Stops On-Cloud MixTranscoding