Last updated: 2019-07-09 18:45:37


The following describes how to configure and provide a usage plan for a specific user:

  1. Create a service. Create and configure an API to make it effective and responsive.

  2. Publish the service to an environment, such as "release".

  3. Create a pair of secret_id + secret_key.
    (1) Go to the Key tab, and click New.
    New key
    (2) Enter the key name, and click Submit.
    Key information

  4. Create a usage plan.
    (1) Go to the Usage Plan tab, and click New.
    (2) Edit the usage plan, and click Finish.
    Plan information

  5. Bind the usage plan to a service environment.
    (1) Select the service just created on the Service page, and then go to the Usage Plan tab and click Bind.
    Binding plan
    (2) Enter the release environment to be bound to, select the usage plan to be bound, and click Submit.
    Binding information

  6. After the steps above are completed, you can provide the secret_id + secret_key created in Step 3 to end users. End users can obtain the verification using the secret_id + secret_key, and then access the API published in the service via the secondary domain name of the service or by binding a private domain name.