API Category

Last updated: 2021-05-12 10:11:56

Custom Domain Name APIs

API Name Feature
BindSubDomain Binds custom domain name to service
DeleteServiceSubDomainMapping Deletes the path mapping of custom domain name
DescribeServiceSubDomainMappings Queries the path mappings of custom domain name
DescribeServiceSubDomains Queries custom domain name list
ModifySubDomain Modifies the custom domain name of service
UnBindSubDomain Unbinds custom domain name from service

API Document APIs

API Name Feature
BuildAPIDoc Builds API document
CreateAPIDoc Creates API document
DeleteAPIDoc Deletes API document
DescribeAPIDocDetail Queries the details of API document
DescribeAPIDocs Queries the list of API documents
ModifyAPIDoc Modifies API document
ResetAPIDocPassword Resets the password of API document

Throttling Policy APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeApiEnvironmentStrategy Displays throttling policies bound to API
DescribeServiceEnvironmentStrategy Displays service throttling policy
ModifyApiEnvironmentStrategy Modifies API throttling policy
ModifyServiceEnvironmentStrategy Modifies service throttling policy

Service APIs

API Name Feature
CreateService Creates service
DeleteService Deletes service
DescribeService Queries service details
DescribeServiceEnvironmentList Queries service environment list
DescribeServiceEnvironmentReleaseHistory Queries release history in service environment
DescribeServiceReleaseVersion Queries the published versions of service
DescribeServiceUsagePlan Queries the usage plan details of service
DescribeServicesStatus Queries service list
ModifyService Modifies service
ReleaseService Publishes service
UnReleaseService Deactivates service
UpdateService Updates service version

Document and SDK APIs

API Name Feature
GenerateApiDocument Generates documents and SDKs

Key APIs

API Name Feature
CreateApiKey Creates key
DeleteApiKey Deletes key
DescribeApiKey Queries key details
DescribeApiKeysStatus Queries key list
DisableApiKey Disables key
EnableApiKey Enables key
UpdateApiKey Updates key

IP Policy APIs

API Name Feature
BindIPStrategy Binds IP policy to API
CreateIPStrategy Creates service IP policy
DeleteIPStrategy Deletes service IP policy
DescribeIPStrategy Queries IP policy details
DescribeIPStrategyApisStatus Queries the list of APIs bound to IP policy
DescribeIPStrategysStatus Queries service IP policy list
ModifyIPStrategy Modifies service IP policy
UnBindIPStrategy Unbinds IP policy from service

Log APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeLogSearch Searches for logs


API Name Feature
CreateApi Creates API
DeleteApi Deletes API
DescribeApi Queries API details
DescribeApiUsagePlan Queries the details of API usage plans
DescribeApisStatus Queries API list
ModifyApi Modifies API
ModifyApiIncrement Updates API incrementally

Usage Plan APIs

API Name Feature
BindEnvironment Binds usage plan to service or API
BindSecretIds Binds key to usage plan
CreateUsagePlan Creates usage plan
DeleteUsagePlan Deletes a usage plan
DemoteServiceUsagePlan Demotes usage plan at service level
DescribeUsagePlan Queries usage plan details
DescribeUsagePlanEnvironments Queries the list of environments bound to usage plan
DescribeUsagePlanSecretIds Queries the list of keys bound to usage plan
DescribeUsagePlansStatus Queries usage plan list
ModifyUsagePlan Modifies usage plan
UnBindEnvironment Unbinds usage plan from service environment
UnBindSecretIds Unbinds key from usage plan