Rule Description

Last updated: 2020-07-28 17:04:45
This document is currently invalid. Please refer to the documentation page of the product.

    To connect to the custom domain name feature of Tencent Cloud API Gateway, your domain name needs to comply with the following rules:

    Global Domain Name

    • If you use API Gateway outside Mainland China and your business is also outside Mainland China, you can directly connect a global domain name to the custom domain name feature of API Gateway without any restriction.
    • According to security compliance requirements, if you use API Gateway in Mainland China, you need to apply for an ICP filing for your domain name, no matter whether it is a global or Mainland China domain name. In addition, if you use a global domain name, you need to change its registrar to a Mainland China one; otherwise, the ICP filing application will fail.

    ICP Filing Already Obtained Through Another Registrar

    In API Gateway, all Mainland China domain names connected to the custom domain name feature need to get their ICP filing through Tencent Cloud; otherwise, they cannot be connected.