Last updated: 2020-07-09 16:47:48

    HDD Cloud Disk

    The HDD cloud disk is phased out currently. The following guide is only for reference when you are using the HDD cloud disk.

    HDD cloud disks are the first generation of cloud disks provided by Tencent Cloud. It is suitable for business scenarios with low I/O loads where data is not accessed frequently. It uses magnetic storage, and a three-copy distributed mechanism to implement highly reliable data storage.

    Performance metrics

    Metrics HDD Cloud Disk
    Random IOPS Offers the capacity options of 10 GB - 16000 GB, and hundreds of random IOPs choices.
    Throughput (MB/s) Supports the I/O throughputs up to 50 MB/s.
    Latency -

    Price overview

    For more information about the price of HDD cloud disks, see Pricing List.

    Use cases

    For scenarios with infrequent requests, such as system logs, enterprise work files, data warehouses, small-sized blogs, and BBS, we recommend using HDD cloud disks to reduce costs.