Creating Cloud Disks

Last updated: 2019-10-17 15:42:46


This article will teach you how to quickly create a cloud disk by creating an empty cloud disk called cbs-test in the Beijing region as an example.



In this example, you can purchase an elastic HDD cloud disk through the console. For more information on how to create a cloud disk, see Creating a cloud disk.

  1. Log in to the CBS Console.
  2. Select Beijing, click New.
  3. Configure the following parameters.
    • Availability Zone: Select Beijing Zone 1.
    • Cloud Disk Type: Select HDD cloud disk.
    • Capacity: Set 20GB.
    • Disk Name: Enter cbs-test.
    • Billing Mode: Select Pay as you go.
    • Period: Select 1 month.
  4. Click OK.
  5. After you confirm the specifications, click Confirm Purchase, to make the payment.
    Return to the cloud disk list page. You can see the purchased cloud disk. The elastic cloud disk that you just purchased is not named by default, and is displayed as to be mounted.

Subsequent Operations

After the cloud disk is created, you need to first mount it on a CVM in the same availability zone to use it as a data disk. For more information about this operation, see Mounting a cloud disk.