Setting Up Installation Environments

Last updated: 2020-10-09 10:52:16

    Before installing DTS-DBbridge, you need to set up the installation environment.

    Hardware Requirements

    Basic configuration

    • CPU: 8-core
    • Memory: greater than 16 GB
    • Disk capacity: greater than 500 GB

    • CPU: 16-core
    • Memory: greater than 32 GB
    • Disk capacity: greater than 500 GB

    System Requirements

    After the required hardware is ready, you need to install and configure the Linux operating system.

    Supported system versions

    CentOS/Red Hat versions 7.2 and later are supported. CentOS 7.2 is recommended.

    Making sure the server time is correct

    Check whether all servers have the same correct current time and time zone. If not, please reset them to their correct values.

    date -R

    Obtaining an Installation Package

    Please submit a ticket to obtain the latest installation package.

    Configuring a YUM Repository

    Configure a YUM repository in the server where DTS-DBbridge is deployed. If you cannot access a YUM repository through the public network, you can configure a YUM repository locally or through the private network.

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