API Category

Last updated: 2022-01-11 10:10:56


API Name Feature
CompleteMigrateJob Completes a data migration task
CreateMigrateCheckJob Creates a migration check task
CreateMigrateJob Creates a data migration task
DeleteMigrateJob Deletes a data migration task
DescribeMigrateCheckJob Gets the migration check result
DescribeMigrateJobs Queries data migration tasks
ModifyMigrateJob Modifies a data migration task
StartMigrateJob Starts a migration task
StopMigrateJob Cancels a data migration task

Data Subscription APIs

API Name Feature
ActivateSubscribe Configures data subscription channel
CreateSubscribe Creates subscription object
DescribeAsyncRequestInfo Queries task execution result
DescribeRegionConf Queries purchasable subscription instance regions
DescribeSubscribeConf Queries subscription instance configuration
DescribeSubscribes Gets data subscription instance list
IsolateSubscribe Isolates subscription instance
ModifySubscribeConsumeTime Modifies the consumption time point of data subscription instance channel
ModifySubscribeName Renames data subscription instance
ModifySubscribeObjects Modifies the subscription rule of data subscription channel
ModifySubscribeVipVport Modifies the IP and port number of data subscription instance
OfflineIsolatedSubscribe Deactivates isolated data subscription instance
ResetSubscribe Resets data subscription instance