Step 1. Add a Domain Name

Last updated: 2020-12-29 15:36:15

    This document describes how to add domain names in WAF.


    To apply WAF protection for a specified domain name, the domain name needs to be added to WAF first. This document takes as the sample domain name for directions.

    1. Log in to the WAF console, and select Web Application Firewall -> Defense Settings on the left sidebar.
    2. Click Add domains to enter the Domain Configuration page.
      • Domain configuration
        1. Enter in the Domain Name field.
        2. Select the protocol and port as needed. For example, select HTTP and port 80, or select HTTPS and port 443.
        3. You can select HTTP or HTTPS as the HTTPS origin-pull method.


          The origin-pull port can be specified only when HTTP is selected as the origin-pull method. The origin-pull port for HTTPS is consistent with the opened port.

        4. You can select a Tencent Cloud-hosted certificate or your own certificate.
        5. In the Real Server Address field, enter the real origin server IP address of the target website, i.e., the public IP address of the real server.
      • Other configurations
        If you have connected your domain name to an intermediate proxy device before WAF is used, tick Yes; otherwise, tick No.
    3. Click Save to complete the configuration. Then, you can view the domain name in the domain name list.
    4. Click the domain name to enter its details page, you can then view the CNAME that WAF assigned to the website.


      WAF assigns a unique CNAME to each domain name added to WAF irrespective of whether the domain name is of the first-level or second-level.

    Subsequent Operations

    After adding a domain name, you can proceed: